Information about HRA Pharma Rare Diseases events.

Join the line of lights – Rare Disease Day 2023

At HRA Pharma Rare Diseases, our aim is for no disease to go unnoticed, no matter how rare.

Our campaign ‘Join the line of lights’ allows us to shine a light on rare diseases and show our dedication to helping people living with a rare disease and those who support them.

Celebrate Rare Disease Day with us to show your support for the rare! Click here

Share your colours, Devotion and Support – Rare Disease Day 2022

Living with a rare disease can feel incredibly lonely and challenging, especially as it often takes a long while to get a clear diagnosis or even hear about treatments.

We want the world to see the whole spectrum of rare diseases, which is why our Rare Disease Day campaign in 2022 is aligned with the global campaign #shareyourcolours. It is a vibrant celebration of colour, individual and collective creativity.

Our video aims to help make the 300 million people around the world with a rare disease more visible.

The Rare Care campaign – Rare Disease Day 2021

We want rare diseases to be seen and heard. For the Rare Disease Day on the 28th of February and in collaboration with patients' associations (WAPO, Adrenal Net), our campaign raised awareness with the public, policy makers, industry representatives, researchers, health professionals and anyone who has a genuine interest in rare diseases.

For our Rare Care Campaign, we used hands to make the shape of a heart and display our messages in public. You can see our Rare Care hands in public places and on social media by watching our video.