Information about HRA Pharma Rare Diseases events.

The Rare Care Campaign

We want rare diseases to be seen and heard. For the Rare Disease Day on the 28th of February and in collaboration with patients' associations (WAPO, Adrenal Net), our campaign raised awareness with the public, policy makers, industry representatives, researchers, health professionals and anyone who has a genuine interest in rare diseases.

For our Rare Care Campaign, we used hands to make the shape of a heart and display our messages in public. You can see our Rare Care hands in public places and on social media by watching our video.

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HRA Pharma Rare Diseases delivered a sponsored satellite symposium at the European Congress of Endocrinology (ECE) in May 2019. The symposium highlighted the importance of cross-discipline partnerships in improving patient outcomes.

We were delighted to welcome Professor Antoine Tabarin (University of Bordeaux, France) and Dr Elena Valassi (Hospital General de Catalunya, Spain) to chair the event. Dr Iacopo Chiodini (University of Milan, Italy), Dr Richard Feelders (Erasmus Medical Center, The Netherlands) and Dr Cornelie D. Andela (Leiden University Medical Center, The Netherlands) delivered insightful talks in their respective fields of expertise – namely, bone and muscle health, thrombosis, and neurocognitive functioning, respectively – and explored how creating collaborations across specialties can achieve better outcomes.

The live presentations are available on the ECE website.