Patient Stories
Sammy, Ida and Lily have been diagnosed with Cushing’s syndrome – listen to their stories.
We are extremely grateful to Sammy, Ida and Lily for sharing their stories and we hope that you find them helpful.
Sammy's Story
Sammy’s video takes you through the story of a typical patient with Cushing’s syndrome.
Changes to her health worsened over many years without doctors being able to discover what was wrong. When a diagnosis was finally made and Sammy was treated for Cushing’s syndrome, she was able to live a more normal life, with valued support from the Pituitary Foundation.

Ida's Story
Ida is a 67-year-old woman with Cushing’s syndrome.
Living in a remote village in Norway, Ida had to wait 14 years before the doctors found the correct diagnosis. Having now been diagnosed and treated, Ida feels she can do all the things she wants in life.

Lily's Story
Lily is a Cushing’s syndrome patient from France.
She struggled with her symptoms for 5 years before a physician was able to confirm a diagnosis of her disease.